“Our mission is to consistently deliver top-quality floral artistry to each client, infusing every project with our full passion and energy.”

About Light Grey Studio

timeless floral tattoos with petals, passion, and purpose

We take client's ideas and bring them to life with beautiful, delicate, and unique designs.

Light Grey Studio is located between the San Fernando Valley and  Los Angeles. Our tattoo shop offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere mixed with the exceptional customer service. Our artists Rebecca and Martin specialize is creating beautiful custom delicate lettering, ornamental tattoos, animal portraits,  floral tattoos and all botanical designs .

We offer a peaceful and relaxing environment with a one-on-one experience. All tattoos are done by appointment only and won’t be disrupted by walk in’s.

Safe space for everyone.

Exceptional customer service set above your average tattoo shop.

custom tattoo design

Tailored to your vision, our custom tattoo designs breathe life into your unique ink aspirations.

tattoo restoration

Reviving the vibrancy and detail of your cherished ink, our tattoo restoration brings faded memories back to life.

tattoo cover up

Seamlessly concealing with precision and artistry, our techniques can
disguise most tattoos.

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color & black and grey
fine line

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meet the wife and husband floral tattoo expert team

Meet Rebecca and Martin, Los Angeles' dynamic husband and wife duo, where their shared passion for floral artistry blossoms into stunning tattoo creations. Dive into the world of Rebecca and Martin and witness LA's most captivating fusion of love, craftsmanship, and nature's elegance.

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Stephanie S.

Custom Designed Floral Tattoo

“She is so easy to communicate with, she's so creative and was able to take my ramblings and work them into a beautiful piece that has been so perfectly me every single time!!"

Custom Designed Floral Tattoo

“I started going to this shop with only a few basic/small tattoos and now I have a completed arm sleeve and a whole back piece! I am always amazed by the quality of the art work and every piece I’ve gotten far have been stunning!"
Kathryn V.

Custom Designed Floral Tattoo

“Light Grey Studio is the only place I will go to for my tattoos. The quality of Rebecca’s work is beyond phenomenal. From all of my floral pieces, to the portrait of my dog, she executed every piece better than I could have imagined!"
Daisy R.

Custom Designed Floral Tattoo

“I’m in love with my newest tattoo! The flowers are exactly what I wanted, and they are extremely special to me. My experience was amazing! Such a light hand for tattooing that I felt very little pain. She is so easy to talk to and makes you feel so relaxed. I can’t wait for my next piece!"
Jeanie P.

Custom Designed Floral Tattoo

“Perfection!!! I absolutely love my beautiful floral tattoos done for me by Martin Hopson / Mhxbones of Light Grey Studio. I looked for many years for an artist who could do the type of floral tattoos I always wanted. I finally found Martin on Instagram, and have never looked back."
Karina M.

Custom Designed Floral Tattoo

“Deciding to get my first tattoo done with Rebecca was the best decision I could have made! She helped me feel comfortable with the process and sure of my choices. I left the studio with such a happy soul knowing my tattoo was designed by an artist who puts love and care into her work."
Kathy Z.

Custom Designed Floral Tattoo

“I trust her fully to bring my ideas to life and she always comes through. I get so many compliments on her work. Rebecca is a true artist and I'm lucky to have met her. Not only is her work amazing but her work space has good energy and is aesthetically pleasing as well."

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